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Filtration & Circulation

Maintaining proper circulation and filtration is necessary to ensure efficient distribution of products and filtration of debris. If you have cloudy water, poor filtration or circulation could be one of the causes

Filter Maintenance

  • Sand Filters - Backwash the filter when the pressure increases 8 psi to 10 psi over initial reading.
  • Cartridge Filter - Clean the filter per the manufacturer's directions.

Water Circulation

  • Make sure all equipment is working properly and in place.
  • Run the pump and filter at least 10 to 12 hours per day - sometimes longer.
  • Chemically clean the filter at least twice per season with HTH® Filter Cleaner.
  • Position return inlets downward at 45 degrees and slightly to one side.
  • Clean skimmer baskets and hair and lint strainer (on the pump).